BowFlex Weight Set

On May 17, 2010 · 139 Comments

A week ago, a guy put a set of BowFlex SelectTech 552 dumbbells with the stand, bench, and mat on Craigslist for $300. But, he didn’t have any pictures of them. I called him up and he described as best he could what they looked like, and I determined they were in fact the real deal. I drove all the way from Hesperia to Wildomar in rush hour to pick these up, but I knew it would be a quick turnaround – so no biggie.

I found a guy in Corona that was going to give me $500 for them. I thought this was fair, and after 4 days I was tired of looking at them, tee hee. I agreed to take them down to him (since I was going to Corona to pick something else up anyway). However, he was a real stickler on the quality of the pieces. He only wanted them if they were in excellent condition (which they were).

However, on the way down to Corona, another weight rack I had in the trailer fell over and tore a hole in the bench. Dangit!!! So, when I got to Corona to meet him and explained what happened, I offered to take $25 off of the price for the torn seat. He took the deal, and I learned to tie my stuff down better next time.

Cost: $300     Selling Price: $475     Profit: $175


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Treadmill Number 9

On May 12, 2010 · 107 Comments

First off – this is the first post since the creation of the Facebook and Twitter Page, so I wanted to thank all of you for taking time to follow along. You can find our page on Facebook by searching or on Twitter at @onepaperboygame. Now, onto the fun…

14 days ago, this treadmill popped up on Craigslist. The guy that was selling it lived a few miles away from me, but he had it priced awfully high. He wanted $500 – but I took a shot in the dark and offered him $325 – though he declined. I gotta make money, right?

9 days ago, after no success he texted me and said $325 was fine. Sweet! So, I ran down to his house, picked it up, and put it on Craigslist for $475 – anticipating $400 would be the lowest I would go.

Today, a lady and her husband from Apple Valley came down to see it. The husband said, “I run 1 mile per day, so do you mind if I try it out?”. Of course, this is absolutely reasonable when purchasing a treadmill. You want to make sure everything is working – especially for that type of money. I had no idea, however, that he would proceed to run the ENTIRE mile in my garage while I stood there in awkward silence wondering when he was going to stop.

Long story short – it worked, they liked it, they bought it, Cha-Ching. Let’s move on to the next one.

Cost: $325     Selling Price: $410     Profit: $85


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Century Punching Bag Stand

On May 9, 2010 · 98 Comments

I mentioned this punching bag in the post below. I picked it up from the same guy that sold me the weight set – and paid $80 bucks.

I had a lady give me call today regarding it – she traveled all the way from Moreno Valley. I just assumed that anybody coming to check it out would at least bring a pickup or a trailer. Nope! She showed up with a jeep. A jeep? Really?

Lucky for her, it came apart in the middle and broke down into smaller pieces. So I pulled out some wrenches and we tore the whole thing a part.

She happened to see one of my treadmills sitting in the garage awaiting sale – and she asked if I was selling them too. My first thought was “Why? You brought a friggin’ jeep. I don’t even know how you’re gonna get the punching bag home”. I told her “Sure – I’m asking $400″. She followed up with “Oh no! That’s way too expensive. I was just looking for one for my dog”.

You have to love Craigslist.

Cost: $80     Selling Price: $135     Profit: $55


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Weight Bench

On May 7, 2010 · 215 Comments

4 days ago I purchased a junky weight set from a guy in Pomona. He was selling all of it along with a standing punching bag stand for $180. (The punching bag was what I REALLY wanted – but I have yet to sell it). He had so many people calling him about everything that I offered him an extra 20 bucks to hold it until I could make it down to pick it up. So in reality, I only paid $120 for the bench and weights and $80 for the punching bag stand. Still a deal!

I was able to sell the weights to a guy in Victorville for $190. I let them go quick for a cheap price because I was out of room in my garage and they didn’t look good sitting in front of my house as lawn decorations.

Cost: $120 Selling Price: $190 Profit: $70


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Stocks: FSLR

On April 29, 2010 · 57 Comments

Once my little Craigslist bank account started growing to a larger size, I knew that I had to think of some other way to make it grow – faster than what I am doing with Craigslist and flipping of items.

I decided that I would transfer some of my funds into the market and see how I could do. After all, I would rather my money sit somewhere in the market than in my crappy 1% Savings Account. I like to gamble a little bit, and as long as I don’t sell, I don’t lose money. So as long as I’m not in a hurry to pull out the money, why not give it a shot?

I decided the first stock I would throw some cash into would be First Solar (FSLR). I bought it a couple days before their earnings report came out and was rewarded when their earnings were beyond expected and their stock price shot up. Not a ton of money, but not bad either.

I’m not exactly counting taxes into my equation yet, but who cares? Do you? I don’t.

Cost: (19 Shares @ $129.48) + ($14.00 Fee) = $2,474.12

Selling Price: $ (19 Shares @ $149.72) = $2,844.68

Profit: $370.56


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Exercise Equipment

On April 25, 2010 · 114 Comments

I found a lady in Rialto who was moving and needed rid of her Cardio equipment. I was happy to take it all off of her hands.

I bought a Ski Machine, an Exercise Bike, and a Climber for $25 each.

I sold them for $100, $85, and $150, respectively. Not to shabby.

I find many times that when people bunch items together, I am able to get things at better prices if I take everything. Then, I can piece it out separately and make more money per item. All you have to do is just put a little more time and effort into the Craigslist ad. Piece o’ cake!

Cost: $75     Selling Price: $335     Profit: $260


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Weight Set

On April 21, 2010 · 111 Comments

Found this one night when I couldn’t sleep. He posted it at 1:30am, and I emailed him at 2:00am. He said by the next morning, he had 50 emails, but chose me because I was first and sounded the most serious.

For $115, I got an Olympic Rack for bench and squat, Full Olympic Weight Set, Adjustable Bench, and a Curl/Tricep Bar. The whole shebang.

I sold it a few days later for $330.

Cost: $115     Selling Price: $330     Profit: $215


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Treadmill Number 8

On April 16, 2010 · 120 Comments

Do you think I have owned enough treadmills? Honey, I’m just getting started. Why quit something that’s so easy???

Bought it down in Riverside off of La Sierra for $290 – sold it a week later to a lady in Apple Valley.

I lost 4 pounds the week I had it. OK, no I didn’t.

Cost: $290     Selling Price: $460     Profit: $170


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BowFlex Dumbbells

On April 10, 2010 · 97 Comments

I always wanted a set of these, but they were always expensive. So I was aware of their price when I saw these pop up. I bought them no questions asked for $275. It took a while, but I ended up getting $385 for them. Not too shabby.

Cost: $275     Selling Price: $385     Profit: 110


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SSR 250 China Quad

On April 7, 2010 · 48 Comments

Now I know these bikes are crap, but there is still a market for them. And at a price of $425, this is a purchase I had to make.

This bike was fairly fast, had electric start, reverse, the whole deal – but it was Chinese. Used they go anywhere between $500 and $700, depending on year and condition.

I sold this one for $600 to a guy who drove ALL THE WAY FROM INDIO. I guess he wanted it real bad.

Cost: $425     Selling Price: $600     Profit: $175


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